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Updated: May 28, 2020

One of the most striking things about the homes here is how unique they are. Each one I've visited so far has been a different style and has a distinct individual touch. They range from cottages nestled into the side of a mountain with gardens, bee boxes and lots of outdoor living space, to a two story villa with decor you'd see somewhere in Soho to an open-plan, modernized version of a tree house, complete with yoga space. These spaces all tend towards expats but even the village homes have their own flair.

My current home base in Usa River is inside an approximately 115 year old German planation house with a veranda that has view of Mount Meru when the weather is clear. The main house is a labyrinth or interconnecting rooms and open spaces surrounded by a large lawn, massive sycamore and strangler fig trees, macadamia nut trees, coffee trees and green houses growing onions, green beans, peppermint and chives. The veranda has become my favourite spot for just about everything from morning coffee to office space.

the farm

The main house

the veranda

The veranda

view of Mount Meru

The view of Mount Meru from the veranda

Rosie the dog

Rosie, our smiling guard dog


Indoor sitting area

the kitchen gate
the kitchen

The kitchen

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