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Updated: May 28, 2020

The Airplane Graveyard is one of the more obscure and much more unofficial attractions to visit in Bangkok. It’s really just a field where a few decomissioned and stripped planes have been left, essentially to decay and be forgotten. The land is privately owned but an industrious and formerly homeless family moved in and created a business by charging a small fee to enter. They are very friendly and happy to let visitors wander the area without any interference. There were a few visitors, but definitely not the regular crowd at most tourist spots in the city. The site seems to really be a draw for urban explorers and photographers travelling through Bangkok. There were no cellphone photos here, instead everyone I passed came with their full set up of camera equipment. When I first arrived, there was even an editorial shoot happening, complete with models, hair and make up, and wardrobe.

The best photos are inside the 747. To get in, you have to slide through a half open hatch underneath the plane and climb up a small access ladder to the second level of the plane. It's an easy climb but small enough that I had to pass my bag and camera equipment through the opening before climbing through the tight space. From the second level, there is a full staircase to the third level that opens up to a good view from the open back half of the plane and the cockpit space.

There is also a pretty canal that runs down the side of the property for a few extra photos.

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